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Create Music Using Text

Reveal Hidden Melodies Within Your Words

Tired of the struggle of creating musical melodies? Unlock a new world of creativity with StockmusicGPT’s AI Music Composer! Simply type in your thoughts, and witness the melody come to life right in front of your eyes—and ears too.

Create Music Using Image

Witness Your Image Come to Life through AI Music

Feeling uncertain about the ideal stock music for your content? Simply upload your image or audio file, and we'll walk you through the process of creating bespoke AI music tailored to your unique content

Extend AI Music Duration

Tailor Your AI Tunes with Endless Duration

Define the perfect length for your AI stock music, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your creative objectives. With StockmusicGPT, you have the flexibility to increase the melody of your AI stock music by adjusting its length as many times as you need.

Replicate Music Styles With AI

Create Similar AI Stock Music In Minutes

Instantly replicate the musical styles of your existing AI stock music to create additional AI stock music. With StockmusicGPT, you'll never run out of musical inspiration.

Remix Music With AI

Transform Your Music with Boundless Freedom

Quickly remix your music using custom text prompt. Whether refreshing existing tunes or sparking new inspiration, you can create unique & captivating remixes in minutes.

Master Music With AI

Perfect Your Music Tracks with Advanced AI

Simply upload any of your audio files and let our sophisticated AI algorithms generate a mastered version. Experience enhanced sound quality with ease. Your path to professional-grade audio starts here.

Upscale Music With AI

Enhance Sound Quality of Your Audio Like a Pro

Whether it's music, simple tunes or ambient sounds, simply upload any audio file and experience a straightforward boost in quality up to 48kHz. Your path to high fidelity starts here.

Stem Splitter With AI

Music Source Seperation Made Easy With AI

Seamlessly separate drums, bass, and vocals from the rest of the accompaniment, giving you the power to remix, rearrange, and reimagine your tracks like never before.

Vocal Removal With AI

Unlock the Instrumental Essence of Your Music

Struggling to find instrumental versions of your favorite songs? Say hello to StockmusicGPT’s Vocal Removal tool! Easily strip away vocals from any audio track, leaving behind just the instrumental elements.

What users say about StockmusicGPT

Loved by 11,800+ users and more.

StockmusicGPT's Text to Music feature is incredible! As a songwriter, I often struggle with composing melodies, but this AI Music Composer has made the process effortless. Now, I can just type in my thoughts, and a beautiful melody unfolds before my eyes and ears. It's like magic!

Melissa.S - Singer-Songwriter

On 2024-02-15

I love StockmusicGPT! It has saved me so much time and effort. It has been a game changer for my business.

Josh.D - SEO Specialist

On 2024-01-01

StockmusicGPT is a fantastic tool for musicians. The Text to Music feature is a lifesaver, making melody creation a breeze. I highly recommend it!

Sarah.M - Musician

On 2023-01-10

As a podcaster, StockmusicGPT's Text to Music feature has added a unique touch to my episodes. It's like having a personal composer on standby!

Chris.P - Podcaster

On 2024-01-20

The Text to Music feature by StockmusicGPT is a game-changer. It has transformed the way I approach music composition. Five stars!

Anna.B - Composer

On 2024-01-29

I was amazed by StockmusicGPT's Image to Music feature. I had a specific vibe in mind for my video, but finding the right stock music was challenging. With this feature, I simply uploaded an image, and the AI created bespoke music that perfectly matched the mood. It's a game-changer for content creators!

Alex.R - Content Creator

On 2024-01-23

StockmusicGPT is a revolutionary tool for content creators. The Image to Music feature has given my videos a unique and tailored soundtrack. Highly recommended!

Emma.K - Video Producer

On 2024-01-18

Finding the perfect music for my short films was always a challenge until I discovered StockmusicGPT. The Image to Music feature is a true gem!

Daniel.W - Filmmaker

On 2024-01-25

StockmusicGPT's Image to Music feature has simplified my workflow. The ability to create music based on an image is a game-changer for any creative project.

Olivia.G - Graphic Designer

On 2024-01-30

I can't imagine creating content without StockmusicGPT. The Image to Music feature is intuitive and has added a new dimension to my audio-visual projects.

Mike.H - Multimedia Artist

On 2024-01-15

Tailoring the duration of my AI stock music is a breeze with StockmusicGPT. I can define the perfect length to align seamlessly with my creative objectives. This flexibility sets StockmusicGPT apart, giving me control over the musical landscape of my projects.

Emily.T - Film Director

On 2024-02-03

I love how easy it is to extend the duration of my AI tunes with StockmusicGPT. It allows me to customize the music precisely for my projects.

Mark.S - Media Producer

On 2024-02-01

StockmusicGPT's Extend Duration feature is a time-saver. I can quickly adjust the length of the music to fit different scenes without compromising quality.

Sophie.L - Video Editor

On 2024-02-19

The Extend Duration feature is a brilliant addition to StockmusicGPT. It provides the flexibility I need to make my AI stock music seamlessly fit any project.

Jason.R - Sound Designer

On 2024-02-11

StockmusicGPT has made my music production workflow more efficient. The Extend Duration feature allows me to experiment with different lengths until I find the perfect match.

Rachel.P - Music Composer

On 2024-02-07

StockmusicGPT's Replicate Musical Style feature is a blessing for any composer. I can now easily create variations of my existing AI stock music, ensuring a cohesive sound across all my projects. It's like having an endless well of inspiration at my fingertips!

David.M - Music Producer

On 2023-12-29

Replicating musical styles has never been this effortless. StockmusicGPT's feature allows me to maintain a consistent sound throughout my projects, saving me valuable time.

Laura.B - Sound Engineer

On 2023-12-19

StockmusicGPT has become my go-to tool for creating AI stock music. The Replicate Musical Style feature lets me explore variations while keeping a consistent theme in my compositions.

Tony.G - Composer

On 2023-12-22

The Replicate Musical Style feature is a game-changer for musicians. It helps me maintain a cohesive musical identity across different projects effortlessly.

Sophie.M - Songwriter

On 2024-01-14

StockmusicGPT has exceeded my expectations. The Replicate Musical Style feature allows me to experiment with different variations, ensuring my music stays true to my unique style.

Benjamin.D - Musician

On 2024-01-05

Remixing music has never been this exciting! StockmusicGPT's Remix Music with AI feature allows me to transform my tunes with boundless freedom. The custom text prompts spark new ideas, and the result is always a unique and captivating remix. It's a must-have tool for any music enthusiast!

Jessica.P - DJ & Producer

On 2024-02-22

StockmusicGPT has taken my remixing game to the next level. The Remix Music with AI feature opens up a world of possibilities, making every remix a masterpiece.

Tom.W - Remix Artist

On 2024-02-23

I am in awe of StockmusicGPT's Remix Music feature. It allows me to experiment with different elements, creating remixes that stand out in the crowded music scene.

Emily.R - Electronic Musician

On 2024-02-24

Remixing with StockmusicGPT is pure joy. The AI's ability to understand and interpret custom text prompts adds a layer of creativity to my remixes that was missing before.

Max.K - Music Enthusiast

On 2024-02-25

StockmusicGPT has become my go-to platform for remixing. The Remix Music with AI feature gives me the flexibility to experiment and create remixes that resonate with my audience.

Sophia.L - Electronic DJ

On 2024-02-22

StockmusicGPT's Upscale Music with AI feature is a game-changer for audio quality. I uploaded some old recordings, and the enhancement to 48kHz was remarkable. The sound quality improvement is noticeable, making it an essential tool for anyone looking to enhance their audio like a pro.

Michael.W - Audio Engineer

On 2024-02-25

I never thought improving audio quality could be this easy. StockmusicGPT's Upscale Music feature turned my average recordings into high-fidelity masterpieces. It's a must-have for audio enthusiasts.

Elena.C - Podcaster

On 2024-02-25

StockmusicGPT has become my secret weapon for enhancing sound quality. The Upscale Music with AI feature consistently delivers professional-grade audio, giving my projects a polished edge.

Kevin.G - Sound Producer

On 2024-02-25

As an aspiring musician, StockmusicGPT has been a revelation. The Upscale Music feature elevates the quality of my recordings, making them sound like they were produced in a professional studio.

Natalie.P - Musician

On 2024-02-25

I am impressed by the results of StockmusicGPT's Upscale Music feature. It effortlessly enhances the sound quality of any audio file, making it an indispensable tool for anyone serious about audio production.

Daniel.H - Audio Enthusiast

On 2024-02-25

StockmusicGPT's Stem Splitter feature is a game-changer for music producers like me. Separating drums, bass, and vocals with AI has streamlined my workflow, allowing me to create custom mixes with ease. It's like having a virtual studio assistant!

Ryan.C - Music Producer

On 2024-04-12

The Stem Splitter feature by StockmusicGPT is simply incredible. As a DJ, I often need to remix tracks on the fly, and this tool gives me the flexibility to isolate specific elements seamlessly. It's revolutionized my live performances!

Jessica.L - DJ

On 2024-04-15

StockmusicGPT’s Stem Splitter has changed the way I approach music production. Being able to extract drums, bass, and vocals from existing tracks opens up endless possibilities for experimentation and creativity.

Eric.W - Musician

On 2024-04-15

I'm amazed by the accuracy of StockmusicGPT's Stem Splitter feature. It's like having a magic wand for music editing! Separating elements with such precision has taken my productions to the next level.

Sophia.B - Audio Engineer

On 2024-04-20

Using StockmusicGPT's Stem Splitter feels like having a studio engineer at my disposal. The ability to isolate individual components has given me full control over my music mixes, resulting in professional-grade productions.

Alex.M - Music Producer

On 2024-04-22

StockmusicGPT's Vocal Removal feature is a game-changer for karaoke lovers like me. Now I can enjoy singing along to my favorite songs without the distraction of vocals. It's like having a personal karaoke DJ!

Emily.W - Karaoke Enthusiast

On 2024-04-03

As an audio engineer, Vocal Removal by StockmusicGPT has become an indispensable tool in my toolkit. It helps me achieve clean and isolated instrumental tracks for post-production work, saving me valuable time and effort.

Daniel.S - Audio Engineer

On 2024-04-05

Vocal Removal has opened up a world of possibilities for my remixes and mashups. Thanks to StockmusicGPT, I can now extract vocals from any track and create entirely new compositions that resonate with my audience.

Sophie.G - Music Producer

On 2024-04-20

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