Since the begining, we've been working hard to release new features, updates and bugfixes on a regular basis to ensure you have the best possible experience with our service.


Sensitivity & Creativity Controls Added

Released on 2024-03-17

You can now customize the sensitivity and creativity settings for generating AI music by toggling the 'Show More Settings' button. While we strongly recommend sticking to the default values, feel free to adjust them according to your preferences when needed.

New Feature

Prompt Library Launched

Released on 2024-03-10

With the launch of our new Prompt Library, you can explore our vast pre-built prompt & sameple output for that spark of creativity.


Improved Button Styling

Released on 2024-03-06

We've given our buttons a fresh new look to make them stand out and easier to find to help you get things done faster.

New Feature

Music Collection & Music Player

Released on 2024-03-04

You can now create a collection with all your favorite AI generated music and easily listen to them up in the new music player.


Improved Dashboard

Released on 2024-03-01

Account dashboard has been updated throughout to make things easier for you.


Custom Label For Your Music

Released on 2024-02-29

You can now add a custom label to your generated AI music. This feature is extremely useful for organizing and managing your music. Additionally, you can conveniently filter all your music based on labels.

New Feature

AI Upscale is here

Released on 2024-02-24

With our AI Upscale feature, you can now enhance the sound quality of any audio like a Pro.


Single Audio File Output

Released on 2024-02-22

Extend now will automatically combine the original audio and extended audio into a single audio file for you.

New Feature

AI Remix is here

Released on 2024-02-21

We are happy to announce the launch of our new feature, AI Remix. You can now easily remix music with AI in minutes.


Music Generation Improved

Released on 2024-02-19

We have updated the algorithm to produce better quality output for music with longer duration.


Support for Longer Duration

Released on 2024-02-16

You can now generate up to 180 seconds AI Music at once. For better result, use AI Music Composer to generate the custom prompt.

New Feature

New Credit-Based Pricing

Released on 2024-02-15

With our new Credit Based Pricing, creating three 10-second tunes now only costs you one third of what it did under the old Quantity Based Pricing.


Annomaly in Extending Songs

Released on 2024-02-04

We recently fixed an anomaly in extending existing songs created via prompts.

New Feature

Feedback Widget Added

Released on 2024-02-03

You can now send the feedback directly from the dashboard. We are excited to hear from you!

New Feature

AI Music Composer is here

Released on 2024-01-29

We launched a brand new premium feature to assist you with generating custom prompts.


Click & Drag Added for Audio Player

Released on 2024-01-29

You can now click and drag within each audio player to adjust the progress bar of the audio file.


Bug with in-progress AI Analysis Fixed

Released on 2024-01-25

There was a small issue which prevent you from viewing analysis item that're still in progress, this has now been fixed.

New Feature

Affiliate Program Launched

Released on 2024-01-24

You can now join our affiliate program and earn commission for every new user you refer to us. Powered by Tolt, an official partner of Stripe.

New Feature

Custom Prompt Support

Released on 2024-01-23

Instead of using our pre-built form to generate music, you can now use your own custom prompt text to generate music.

New Feature

Live Chat Support

Released on 2024-01-17

We have added live chat support to our website. You can now chat with our support team in real-time.

New Feature

New AI Analysis

Released on 2024-01-16

By uploading an image/audio file, our AI Analysis will make recommendations on the type of music that would be best suited for your content.


Branding Updated

Released on 2024-01-10

We have refreshed & refined our branding to make it more align with our vision.


Improved User Experience

Released on 2024-01-04

We did another round of improvements to make the user experience even better. We are excited to hear your feedback.


Mobile Optimisation

Released on 2023-12-28

We have significantly improved the mobile experience of our website.

New Feature

Free Offline Audio Tools

Released on 2023-12-26

We have implemented various offline audio tools to help you with your music production for free.

New Feature

Free Downloads

Released on 2023-12-24

You can now browse, listen and download hundreds of free AI music directly from our website. All generated with StockmusicGPT.

New Feature

Blog Launched

Released on 2023-12-19

We have launched our blog. You can now read about the latest updates, tips, and tricks on how to use our platform.

New Feature

Usage Overview Added

Released on 2023-12-16

There is a new section in the dashboard to give you an overview of your usage. You can now see how many songs you have generated, extended, and replicated.


Improved Layout

Released on 2023-12-14

We've imporved the overall layout of the dashboard to make it more user friendly.

New Feature

Advanced History Tabs

Released on 2023-12-08

With Advanced History Tabs, you can view the 'Extend' & 'Replicate' history of any given AI music.

New Feature

Extend AI Music

Released on 2023-12-03

We have added the ability to extend the duration of your AI Music. You can now extend the duration of your AI music as you go.

New Feature

Replicate AI Music

Released on 2023-12-01

You can now easily replicate any of your existing AI Music. This will help you to create a new music that shares the similar musical styles.

New Feature

Audio Soundwave Added

Released on 2023-11-10

We have added a new feature to show the soundwave of the audio file. This will help you to understand the audio better.

Major Release

Private Beta Launched

Released on 2023-11-10

We are excited to announce the launch of our private beta. We are now accepting applications for early access to our platform.